Wargaming on a budget

I see articles with a similar topic quite often, but have never really taken the time to read them. I’ve never been that motivated to apply myself a budget or even share my budgeting ideas, because I’ve always simply made do. However, I am now working on an idea and challenge to apply a different kind of budget.

It is easy to spend money, even if you don’t actually have any. It’s easy to give in to impulse and grab that cool looking model or game.  I am every gaming shop’s favourite customer – I refuse to leave empty handed, if only out of politeness!

Well, after 24 years in the hobby and the last 15 in employment, I simply have too much stuff and not enough time to enjoy it all. I am active on trade groups, seeking to sell or swap. I have finally accepted that I will never get round to that “maybe one day” project and am reluctantly trying to shift things either to acquire something more appropriate or just recover funds for other uses.

My biggest problem is my ever-inspired personality. I love starting projects. I enjoy playing with new ideas and getting creative. This has never faltered. However, I get these urges long before existing projects see completion and so my collection can be summed up as a lot of half-done projects with very few completed. It is far too easy to over-invest in a project too quickly and then stumble. It is so easy to tell yourself to not buy the next unit until the existing one is painted, but so much harder to train yourself to do it.

This is my challenge. I am working on a reward and engage budget. So, what does this mean?

Every time I play a game, I will allow a credit of £10 to that game (or specific army if it is something expansive). My inspiration for projects grows immensely after I’ve enjoyed playing a game. I will often go and buy a small expansion for a board game after playing it, or plan something far too big after a day out wargaming. The idea is to embrace that reflective enthusiasm and reward it. It also pushes me to go and play a game if I want to buy that shiny new model.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, to prove or disprove my determination, I am going to make this my next series of blog posts. I will record and expose my gaming and spending and see how it all fairs.

I’m not going to roll back to any particular date, but I will start from now, with one exception. I am running a 40k tournament at my club which involves 5 games per player. We’ve already done round 1, which I will include in the budget and use that first game as my next article in this series. I am using Eldar and as such they will be my first “reward”.

Please share your own budgeting ideas and let me know how badly I am going to fail with mine.


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. “My biggest problem is my ever-inspired personality. I love starting projects.”

    That whole paragraph sums up my approach to 40k, and wargaming in general. I am exactly the same!

    I am now following your blog, I look forward to seeing how your budget restraint goes!

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