Hobby Post : Playing with Fire (and painting it)

Neil of Orange here with a hobby update.  I’ve been playing with various fire effects recently, for two different styles.

I did some internet research and found an excellent 2 part tutorial from hot-lead.org, you can find Part 1 and Part 2  here.  I was planning a very traditional fire effect initially so this was perfect and I was even using Reaper minis too.  My Bones kickstarter bundle came with a huge fire elemental and I managed to find a second so I had a pair of the monsters to paint.  These chaps are destined for my Kings of War Forces of Nature army but I sadly wasn’t happy with the translucent red they came in.

FE Front 1

So here’s some shots of the finished minis.  These were painted following the guide quite closely, although using GW paints for availability.  I used a LOT of Lahmia Medium to create washes – I’m sure there’s more economic ways of doing this with other brand matte mediums so look into that if you are tempted to try some fiery painting.

FE Front 3

These two have now got magnets embedded into their bases.  I am considering how best to game base them and with magnets they will be more transportable given their size.  Hopefully an update will follow once I’ve decided on how I want to do this!

FE Back 1

Next up are some more Malifaux minis.  I’ve been slowly working on Pandora’s crew since I got them late December.  Again I am working to the box art generally and for the Poltergeist and Sorrows this was quite a challenge.

SP Front 1In the end I found some inspiration in my local GW where some discs of Tzeentch had been painted using Nihilakh Oxide as a wash over white – not the general intended use for the paint but I liked the end result.

SP Front 2Using a white base for the lower halves and a darker grey for the upper halves, I got close to the general shading shown on the box art and then generously applied Nihilakh to the models.  This wasn’t quite as neat as the effect on the fire elementals due to the scale of the detail and the thickness of the pigment in the paint.  I probably could have watered this down more using more medium and applied more coats.  Instead I dry brushed the original base colour over the top again to get a better colour balance.

SP Back 1

I added a few neat details, gloss eyes and tongues and on the Poltergeist teeth too, but generally these are quite “ecroplasmic” and undefined, which I kinda like.  The bases are bases4war again, all of my Pandora specific models are going to be on these ruined flagstone effect bases.

All the photos on this blog zoom in a lot if you click on them, well worth a look at the effect the washes have built up.

So I still have the rest of the Pandora box to finish, but first I want to get some Death Marshalls done.  I’ve built them using the flaming skull heads so I’m going to try blue flames on those and the coffins they have 🙂

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