Wargaming on a budget – report for week 3-4

Continuing my budget series as laid out by wargaming to a budget and continued in weeks 1-2, here is my report for week 3-4.

I will start by announcing I purchased an Imperial Knight. At £65, this would have required at least 6 games of 40k to be played. However, I am selling my Eldar Revenant Titan for £150, so the “purchase” was budget neutral.

Obvious reasons aside, I purchased a Knight to help me reinvigorate my interest in my Mechanicum army and to add it to the growing forces destined to fight at Operation Ironclad.

Back to the budget! Over the last two weeks, I have played:

  • Malifaux – £10
  • Star Trek: Attack Wing three times at OP5 – £30?
  • Dreadball – £10

What have I spent?

Not a lot really. I won the prize ship and 2 lots of fighters at the Star Trek event, so I wasn’t particularly left wanting! Wave 3 did arrive yesterday, so I bought a battleship £11. I have no intention of investing more money into Dreadball until our club league is over, which will inevitably bring about me using a new team. I had a £7 deficit for Malifaux which is now cleared.


Looking forward, I am eager to play more 40k so that I can expand and tweak my Eldar army. I am also waiting on the new Imperial Guard codex so that I have a suitable set of rules for my Mechanicum, which I’ll be returning to soon.


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