Ork Boat rules – Operation Ironclad

On 17th May the Big Cap Battles team will be playing Operation Ironclad. Like its namesake, this scenario will be a naval and air assault on a fortified island, involving Eldar, Tau, Orks and various Imperial footprints.

Alongside the game, there’s a competition being run for best Ork boat! As everyone has taken the effort to make all manner of naval vehicles for Orks (and some Eldar) it became evident that we needed some rules for them. So, I present the v1.0 rules for a selection of custom Ork vehicles and related rules.

First up: not quite a boat, but inspired by an “unexploded bomb” fishtank prop:



Here’s the first and smallest ship. This is based on a 6×3 inch profile and like all the weedy greenskin creations, it’s piloted by Grotz with a few tricks.



From here on up, each ship is slightly bigger with increasing hull points, armour and hard points. The Patroller  is the smallest ship piloted by Orks and has a big emphasis on being a transport ship.  This is an older template, hinting at what each hard point can be spent on. I later normalised these and produced a master list of options, but I won’t post that due to it being based existing 40k data.


And the raaft:


The Korvette is the next step up, jumping into Mega hard points for the tank-sized weaponry and immunity to small (S4) weapons fire all round.



Next we have the Friggat, simply bigger,  tougher with more guns.



Then it became apparent that a lot of people have built ships even bigger than the Friggat and with more guns, so the next 4 stages of ships appeared:



Not everyone built a patroller-shaped boat, so there was call for a landing raaft:




Finally, the Naval rules:


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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