Being a Wyrd (malifaux) Henchman

On 27th February this year, Jacqulyn welcomed me to the ranks of the illustrious Henchman program.

I bought my first Malifaux models over 4 years ago, followed by the rulebook, but never really pushed myself to have a proper go at the game.  My brother, however, later got into the game after I showed him the models and book and has been a Henchman himself for some time. Living some 150 miles apart, we haven’t actually played all that much (just one game!) and so my interest lapsed.

I later tried playing 1.5 at one of my local stores, but that concluded as another false start. There was some interest at my local club, but I couldn’t really get to the store that often.

This year I decided to finally make it happen and jumped in the deep end. I consumed the rulebook, painted up two crews and applied to be a henchman. I ran a few demos with friends and was confident that I could teach the game to the club (having been on the committee 15 years, it’s pretty much what I’ve been doing half my life!).


My application was accepted and so I set about organising official demonstrations. I was quite blown away by the amount of interest and enthusiasm from the club, especially as we jokingly call ourselves Tamworth Apathy Club. Something about Malifaux just sucks people in and there is no trick – it’s a very rewarding system to play and collect. People were turning up for demos with their own crews to learn and others were buying them just on the strength of watching a game. The bandwagon was rolling, but it certainly wasn’t leaving town!

The Wyrd forums have also surprised me. Two parties have contacted me with interest at attending our club and another group has started attending from a neighbouring town. In all, we have 18 players attending the club now, from what was a game I had waited 4 years to introduce to people. I think it’s been over 10 years since our club had such a following for one game, so I am both pleased and humbled by this!

Following a 6-week demo period, I announced the intention to run a beginners league, running the 3 consecutive game sizes over a 3-month period. The league rewards attendance and achievements for performing all of the options and tricks within the rules – a fashion to ensure everyone knows every tool available to them. We are well into this now and players cannot get enough of it!

So, while running demos might sound like a chore at times, it is actually very rewarding. Malifaux is a pleasure to teach and play. Watching peoples faces change from confusion, to the moment it clicks – “I get it!” is a delight to see. It’s a little hard to absorb the rules from just reading he book. a couple of games and you’re set on a journey.

Wyrd do offer some rewards for being a Henchman. If you maintain an event each month, you earn soulstones for each that you run. These translate to dollars on the webstore – which you need to make use of at some point to order your henchman shirt. Unfortunately, living in the UK and with the webstore being a bit behind on releases, I’ve held fire getting my shirt for now.

We all signed an Non-disclosure agreement before becoming a henchman, as we get to see new content before the public does. So far that’s been a bit thin, but hopefully I’ll have something to silently smirk about in time!


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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