Warhammer 40,000 – 40k 7th edition – new army organisation preview

Games Workshop have just released a preview video for army organisation changes in 40k 7th edition.

You can view the video here.

What does this show us? GW want to give players more freedom and reflect the background.

The changes are “radical”, but the old FOCs are still valid, just not mandatory. There are two new FOC options and benefits for the different FOC types.

  1. Unbound Army
  2. Formations

Regular FOC has been renamed Battle-forged armies with your core detachment now a Combined Arms detachment.


Notice allies must be chosen from a Faction, rather than a Codex – is this a rewording or a new ally matrix on the way?

What are the benefits of using these detachments? here’s a selection of examples:

Let’s get scoring (Battle Forged I would assume):



The restrictions for this FOC – units must be from a different faction! I’m not sure which this applies to, as the top image shows allies must be the same faction.


Unbound armies are without limits. The intention is to allow you to field the armies you want (Genestealer Cult please!), but there’s obviously the fear of people abusing this to min-max their armies. That’s only an issue if you let it become one. You don’t have to play Unbound and you don’t have to attend events that run it. Either way, you have equal choice as your opponent.


Remember, no one is forcing you to play something you don’t enjoy.


Formations are getting more validity – you can take them with your armies, adding in some special rules.



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