Assembling the Oldhammer Beastman horde

The horde grows.

I have been very distracted by Minotaurs. The lovely folk over at the Oldhammer trading group (a sister group of the Oldhammer forum) are great for trading miniatures. I’ve been swapping unwanted treasures for all sorts of hairy goodness.

As it stands, I have 14 Minotaurs in my army so far, but only 11 I consider classic. I am starting to get duplicates and am unsure whether to trade them, paint them differently, use them as beastmen champions / unit fillers or… convert them. Considering their value, I am very reluctant to do more than pose changes. I will be asking others on whether this is a good idea or not.

2014-12-02 20.58.48

Doom bellow and his brown manes

2014-12-02 20.58.43

Ox-Roar and the dark manes

Two of those fellas are far too big and wide to rank up properly.. so I may shove them in Gor units as unit fillers to punish their monstrosity. The other 2 (I said 14) are the modern Doombull and a smaller minotaur mounted as a Gor champion.

The Gors...!

The Gors…!

This bunch are seeking identity. This is my collection of classic beastmen, with a few added, such as the command group. I really don’t care much for the Marauder command group and am not yet happy to convert classic models into such.

I am hoping to make a unit for each god, if I gather enough models to do so.

Then there’s this more-modern horde of Bestigors. I snapped up a few from The Troll Trader recently, to bulk out the unit, though I now have 40 of them, so they may be split into two.



Beyond this, I’ve upped the chariot count to 5, acquired the beginnings of a Centigor unit and almost completed 6 proxy Razorgors (the Rhinox)

Boaring Chariots!

Boaring Chariots!

Here’s the damage thus far:

The horde

The horde

To catch more frequent plogging from me, check out the thread I setup today on the Oldhammer forum.

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