Sculpting Oldhammer Daemons – Flamers

Some classic models are easy to acquire, others are rare or expensive. In an attempt to get back into sculpting and fill some gaps in my army, I’ve decided to try and create my own versions of Oldhammer models.

I got some new styluses for Christmas, so here’s the obligatory tool shot.

sculpting tools

I’ve been working with the blue stylus (smallest) and a basic clay shaper. You tend to get comfortable with a single weapon rather than swapping through the options!

The first model I wanted to tackle was the Tzeentch Flamer. The classic model is quite simple and silly looking, but I wanted to keep its quirkiness and add in some hints of other concepts. Here is my idea sheet (plus a herdstone?!).

oldhammer flamers of tzeentch art


I went with the 1st/2nd generation body as a base.


Which quickly came together to produce this toothy critter.

oldhammer flamers of tzeentch



Being such simple structures, I did 3 bodies initially.

oldhammer flamers of tzeentch 0Then tried varying the faces, drawing inspiration from the 2nd gen model to have a beaked head.

oldhammer flamers of tzeentch 1


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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