Nurgle, Blightkings, Dragon

I forgot to post up my second Nurgle model on Tuesday as part of my paint a unique Nurgle model every 7 days challenge, but I most certainly completed a second model.

In fact, I’ve painted 5 now.

2015-01-13 20.00.02
2015-01-13 20.00.16

These models were so fun to paint, I did the whole lot together, but didn’t really know whether to make that 5 weeks or models, or just post the lot up!

So, with two weeks behind me and 5 models done, I’m going to keep the pace and move onto some Nurgle daemons next. However, I am also challenging myself to “finish 2 models before starting a new 1”, so with my model count for the year standing at 5, I decided to dig out my Arcworlde Dragon and get working on painting her!

2015-01-18 02.16.49


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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