Kings of War – Centaurs

I’ve been enjoying the fresh and simple approach to fantasy wargaming that Kings of War has provided me for around a year now.  I’ve been slowly tweaking my army collections to take advantage of the forces available in that game, so while my undead are seeing some minor changes and options, my wood elves have been more dramatically impacted.

Initially I was using Elves with a strong focus on Tree Shamblers, Sylvan Kin and a Tree Herder, but once the forces of nature list was revealed it turned out I had a new army I needed to collect!  I’ve already posted my fire elementals on MyWargame and various other photos have appeared on our facebook site.  I intend to get myself on the Mantic forum and track the entire army there, but I’ll keep the longer detailed posts here.

Anyway, that’s the intro for anyone coming new to this, without any more waffle, here’s the centaurs I’ve recently completed:

Centaur Boss 1


This huge and fierce leader is from Heresy – a fantastic model, if a little NSFW!  Lots of native America influences on this and a slight poke at my friend Greg’s lizardmen force here, I seem to have borrowed one to use as a shield (they play as Orcs in Kings of War).

Centaus Boss 2

This is another leader scale model, although not quite as large as the Heresy beast.  I spent far too long on the axe here, but I like it now its done.  This is a discontinued Confrontation model I’ve had for ages, was originally going to appear in my Warhammer wood elves instead of wild riders as I didnt like the figures.  Its great I can actually use them as centaurs.

Centaur dark

Another Confrontation centaur, as are all the rest in fact.  I tried to come up with a different horse body colouration for each model, some worked better than others, this guy is a bit bland.

Centaur grey

Happier with this chap, although my attempts at dappling didn’t really pay off so I got rid of them!

Centaur patch

I really like how this guy came out.  If I decide to do any more centaurs (I have another 4 Confrontation ones, but some nice ones from elsewhere would certainly tempt me) I’ll use this colouring.

Centaur standard

Another slightly dull horse body, but I do like the standard here.  I’ve kit bashed a bit using some spares from a wood elf plastic kit, either the archers or glade riders, I can’t remember!

Centaur mus

Finally the unit’s musician.  Not very pleased with him, when this unit was destined for 25x50mm bases to rank up for warhammer I had to make some choices about making them rank up.  As a result this guy ended up with a wood elf sword.  I tried various options for an instrument and settled on an oldhammer elf horn from the old chariot I had lying around.  Its hidden on his side on the main picture, so here’s the other side so you can see it!

Centaur unit 2


Here’s another shot of the complete unit then.  I’ve been working on some slightly unusual basing for KoW as the game is much more about the unit footprint rather than number of models.  In KoW you don’t remove casualities so some players model entire units as a single piece.  For transportation that isn’t really an option for me, but it does allow for some more display and design options.  I’ve been using 40mm round bases of a similar theme for many of my forces of nature so far to allow me to use the bases for more than one unit and allow for mixing and matching as fancy and new models take me.

Wolves and Centaurs

Here you can see the wolves and centaurs mixed in together.  I think I prefer them this way as the army list entry is for centaurs not wolves and while there’s no problem with proxy’ing (especially in your own home) this helps everyone remember what they are facing.  I’ve added a new wolf in here from Red-box games that I like the character of a lot, he’s an older more shaggy beast than the others I have.  It means between the 4 spare centaurs and another wolf I am already well on my way to another unit should I decide to go that way, but I am happy to wait for the right models to come along.

So what’s next?  I have a box of warhammer dryads I want to get sorted out as Sylvan kin, various models I am considering as characters and of course there’s the recent Kings of War kickstarter that’s adding a number of units worth of models to the Mantic range.  I would love to get models from Mantic into this army as its their ruleset so fingers crossed they are to my taste – the concept art looks really promising.

Forces of Nature WIP 1

To finish off, here’s the entire force so far that’s specifically painted for Kings of War.  I currently make up numbers with a bit of wood elves and unpainted stuff, so its my goal to get everything done specifically for Kings of War and painted to a similar (and this decade!) standard.

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