The Oldhammer plague

While I have some form of momentum, I’m letting it roll and keeping to painting Plaguebearers while there’s still unique sculpts left in my pile.

Here’s the next 3 – seemingly more appropriate for Nurgle than 1 – Plaguebearers. I now how a full command for the unit and am onto rank 3!

2015-03-03 22.25.54

2015-03-03 22.26.08

I spruced up the bases a little more after buying some grass from Gamer’s Grass. I haven’t been a fan of static grass or tufts, but I keep seeing other people use it to good effect, so I gave it another chance. I am quite happy with how it looks on the wasteland bases.

2015-03-03 22.27.23

Here’s the mob of 12 so far. I have 4 more unique Plaguebearer sculpts left to get through before I move onto a different unit type (or hero!). Or perhaps I’ll get hold of some 3rd gen metal Plaguebearers to get a full complement of 20 unique models for the unit!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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