Iron Hands martian bases – mini tutorial

I recently made the decision to rebase my entire Iron hands army from 25mm to 32mm round bases. Simply put, it looks so much better and it is the new standard, officially or not.

I did a quick proof of concept on an old base for the style before making the move. Previously I had caked the bases in orange MIG pigment, but that was very messy and after fixing the pigment, it lost its vibrancy.  Here he is in the middle amongst my older style bases.

2015-05-28 18.22.01Happy with the test piece, I set out to start tearing them all off their bases and attaching to larger bases. To speed up the process, I covered the entire surface in superglue, stuck the feet down and then shook the whole thing about in my sand box, before leaving to dry and set.

The rest of the process is pretty straight forward.

Step 1: Squig Orange base coat.

2015-05-28 19.18.47

Step 2: Drybrush Ryza Rust

Step 3: Clean up the base trim with Abaddon Black

Step 4: Add your choice of decoration – I use Gamer’s Grass tufts

2015-05-28 20.52.12

That’s really all there is to it! You could add white to the rust to do another lighter highlight, or a thinned sepia wash after the Squig Orange to add further contrast, but I’m happy with the gentler step as there’s a ton of contrast already with the black armour and brown grass.

Here’s my progress so far – about a third of the way through.

2015-06-05 16.36.18

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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2 Responses

  1. Brad says:

    G’day from Down Under! Have been looking everywhere for a similar project I am doing. Yours seems to be the best.

    How ever I did turn at one direction. Instead of Squig Orange, I went for Vallejo;s equivalent aka Amaranth Red.

    Tried it and holey damn! Quite bright and then I applied the Cidatel Dry Brush Rust. Sort have flattend the colour. But still was not satisfied.

    So I have ordered a pot of Squig lol. I will let you know how I go!

    My question though is, in your top picture on the left. x2 of your figures look as if they have pigments? Because it looks a lighter orange?

  2. Rusty Dice says:

    Yes, the 25mm bases were the old bases and not done in the same way as the tutorial. I do state that in the text.

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