Project Nurgle – week 22

The project has been a little sidetracked as I’ve been working on my Tzeentch contingent. The main reason for this is that I’ve been playing a few games against another daemon player at my club and he only has Nurgle, so I decided to try out different gods to keep things interesting.

oldhammer pink horrors

I hope to return to Nurgle soon in order to bring the collection to some form of conclusive point – every model painted. I have no doubt it will keep expanding, but it is nice to have more models painted than unpainted for at least one army.

Looking back at the previous project update, I set myself some goals for may and the 4 weeks following that post. This happens to be the deadline and I had completely forgotten about those goals!

Here are the goals again:

  • Chaos Treeman Warrior (sculpt)
  • Mechanicum (build and paint)
  • More Nurgle! I’ve bought some Blights from Heresy to create a third command group for my Plague Bearers. I will also finish all the above models pictured. I might have acquired another Great Unclean One too! (build and paint)
  • Finish the Snail Knight (sculpt)
  • Start on my pink/blue Horror collection (paint)
  • Spice up the bases for currently painted models. I picked up some animal skills from Kromlech.

Unintentionally, I managed to do some!

Here is the Tree”man” sculpt. I am not happy with the head, so I’ll be doing some sketches and settling on a final design to sculpt. As you can see, I think Nurgle was occupying my thoughts when I did that head…

Oldhammer evil chaos treemanMechanicum have seen no love, but I have been busy rebasing my Iron Hands – the sister force to my Mechanicum.

More Nurgle happened. Here’s a work in progress of my Blights and last few plaguebearers.

heresy blights oldhammer plaguebearers

These are my last few Plaguebearers, but I also have more GUOs, palanquins and the drones need finishing. At that point, they’re pretty much done until I source some beast models.

The snail knight has seen no love, but is on my list. I have quite a few sculpting pieces needing some love.

The Tzeentch horrors have seen lots of love! I think I have around 60 of them now and have been doing them in batches.

As for base spicing… I have a review due soon with my second batch of tufts and the Kromlech pieces. Watch this sp.. blog.

Back to project Nurgle. I have no new completed models, but I do have some army shots:

oldhammer nurgle herald plague bearers

This… actually shows a new complete model that I forgot I had painted. I used a 40k Forgeworld Nurgle model here as my battle standard bearer. Somewhat King in Yellow looking, eh? These shelves are a bit shallow, so the movement trays are sideways to fit.

oldhammer nurgle plague bearers great unclean one

I have made the ludicrous decision to collect 7 Great Unclean Ones. Why not? The problem I have with them is they aren’t so great on the field, so they’re being relegated to unit fillers for the time being! Crazy.

Onto the goals! For June, or the next 4 weeks, I will try to complete what I didn’t do before! I will add to that list the following extra items:

  • Rebase 50 Iron Hands!
  • Paint 2 more Great Unclean Ones
  • Sculpt a base for my Screamer Killer(s)
  • Cast up my slugs

Some hints at my other projects abound…

Until next time!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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