Gamers Grass Tufts – Review

I purchased a selection of “tufts” from Gamer’s Grass a few months ago to try and spice up my desert bases. I’ve always been a bit wary of grass tufts after a bad experience with a crushed packet of unnatural looking grass from Army Painter.

These tufts proved to be much better and in a wide range of colours and sizes.

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I first tried them on my Blight Kings and they instantly gave some life to the otherwise barren bases:

2015-05-28 17.39.06

Impressed, I decided to use them all across my bases and movement trays – usually to cover up any scrapes on the sides caused by gaming. The Plaguebearers got the same treatment:

2015-06-09 20.04.36

and the rest:

2015-06-09 20.04.44

The tufts arrive attached to a clear sheet, well spaced. This allows you to pick them up with fingers or tweezers individually. The latest batches are self-adhesive, but I still apply a bit of superglue to the base first.

moss-2mmThey are also quite easy to break apart into smaller pieces if you need to. With so many different sizes and the option for a mixed-size sheet, you’re pretty much covered for all situations.

The range keeps expanding. Recently they added a moss-sized option that I grabbed to try out.

moss-2mm (1)

The smaller moss-size pieces are great for putting at different orientations. I decided to hide some of the gaps/joins in base scenery by gluing moss-size tufts over them:

2015-05-28 17.41.01

I like to use the tufts sparingly as all my bases have been desert-like so far:

2015-06-09 20.05.06However, there are some lovely examples on the Gamer’s Grass website:

585d8e8e2ebb0b97f7dc9d528d6f997653c43f10_Slideshow1Price-wise, they come in at cheap £1.80 per sheet, with free postage if you order 5 or more. You’d be daft not to take advantage of that offer as you will definitely make use of these!

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