Researching Fimir lore – part 1 – shields

I will begin by stating that I am only just starting to get into the background of Fimir. While I have most of the resources available to me now, I haven’t read them in full detail just yet.

Graeme Davis, the co-creator of the Fimir for Games Workshop is active on the Fimir Facebook group, so it can be very tempting to simply ask him straight up about the Fimir and how he imagines them.  I haven’t addressed him directly, but his Spidey sense kicks in whenever you do ask a question and he never ceases to deliver a full answer, filled with ideas. It is very important to me to understand an author’s vision rather than run away with my own, but I do like to take what is provided and mesh it with my own imagination.


The members of the group are also very helpful, both with background ideas and  physical inspiration through their own projects. I haven’t compiled a list of everyones work, but two notable persons are Mr. Saturday, who is from the Fimir’s spiritual homeland of Éire and Gary over at Hotdrop Studios. Both have inspired me and are extremely helpful within our little cyclopean community.

How do you research the Fimir?

There are two approaches for me in my research. There’s the “official” material produced by Graeme (and others), and then there’s the precursors and mythology that inspired the Fimir. From the classic Alan Lee picture to the Fomorians of Celtic lore.

alan_lee_fimir_webI like to deal with both sources. The  primary material will always be what has been provided for the Fimir, but when there’s a gap in the material or a need for variation and new flavours, the Celtic lore is a huge reservoir to tap into for ideas.

Some things seem obvious. Posing Gary the question “Where did you get those lovely shields from?”, his answer almost made me feel stupid… “Celtic buttons”.

celtic buttonsThere are some lovely designs out there – something for everyone. They come in many sizes too, so if you’re after some decent Fimir shields, look them up! I’e been gathering a few types.



I’ve yet to find Gary’s choice, but I wouldn’t want to step on his 3 toes anyway.


None of the official models came with shields, but there are designs in the artwork that can easily be transferred to shields. The Warhammer armies spread is a great resource:

fimir_ban2The belly (and back) plates on the models also sport fancy designs.

03 Fimir2

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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