A small Thing I did for charity

Its nice when your hobby can do some good, so I was pleased to see on Tables of a Tabletop Skirmisher their Little Heroes for Little Heroes event.

In their own words then;

“So, What is Little Heroes?
For this fundraiser we are asking for people to paint up some Hero or Villain miniatures and donate them. These will then be gathered up and auctioned off here on ToaTS with ALL proceeds going to the Downs Syndrome Association.”

So having decided to support the event, I needed to pick a hero model to paint and get cracking.  I do already have a lot heroes from the Marvel Knight range painted and I decided to pick one of my favourite figures and favourite colours in one sweet package – old blue eyes Ben Grimm aka the Thing.

As I had already painted this figure before I had a good idea what I wanted to do, so decided to blog the steps in case this is of any use to others out there.  Enjoy.
Thing 1

1 Prepared Thing

So the first step I’ve done quite a lot in one go.  I’ve cleaned the figure up (aside from the mould line on the left arm which now I see the photos will torment me!  I did spot it a bit so it improves later but still, bad miss), assembled it using Loctite Superglue Gel (which I find seems to remove the need for pinning its so strong and tough).  I’ve removed the slot on the feet so I can attach Ben to a resin base topper from Fenris games.

Thing 2

2 Undercoated Thing

Using Army painter black undercoat, I give our Thing a good layer of paint to work with.

Thing 3

3 Greenstuff Thing

Now usually I greenstuff before undercoating, but the Gel superglue does fill some gaps and is transparent so I wanted to see how the figure looked with some paint on it before using it.  I use the GW liquid stuff, probably my favourite product of their’s right now (closely followed by their inks).  After sorting out the gaps, bit more black paint painted by hand and the proper painting can start.

Thing 4

4 Basecoated Thing

I’ve done a bit of the base immediately so I don’t get grey on the Thing later.  I’ve used my standard basing colours here which you can read about from before.  The magic ingredient to painting the Thing for me is GW’s Skrag Brown.  It works really well.  Make sure the stones are well covered, but don’t worry much about the cracks unless you want a really orangey Thing (which my first one was).

Thing 5

5 Inked Thing

I’ve used two complete coats of GW’s Agrax Earthshade here, making it quite dark.  On my original figure I used only one coat, so lighten/darken to your own preference.

Thing 6

6 Rebased Thing

Once the shade was try I reapplied the Skrag brown.  On my original Thing I completely repainted all of the stones, while on this darker one I have left some areas the darker, shaded colour, again paint to your taste.

Thing 7

7 Highlight 1 Thing

The highlight I’ve used here is GW’s Balor Brown.  I used it thinned with water for the first highlight, picking out the areas I wanted.  On my original Thing I mixed in a bit of Jokaero Orange in at this stage, but on this darker version I left this out.

Thing 8

8 Highlight 2 Thing

At this layer I am using Averland Sunset mixed with Balor Brown, on the most pronounced areas only.  I’ve also undercoated his pants (GW’s Kantor Blue), done his eyes (GW’s Caledor Sky) and done his smile (white).  It also looks like I’ve started highlighting the grey base, again follow my base guide for that.

Thing 9

9 Detailed Thing

So after removing a few more mould lines at a very late stage, here’s the finished model (the base has a bit more to go).  I’ve highlighted the pants with Caledor Sky, tidied the belt with black and then a mix of dark grey/black and then attempted to paint the 4 logo on the buckle, which hasn’t been brilliant on either version of this figure!  I picked out a few areas for a final Averland Sunset highlight – just using more layers makes this go lighter and lighter, so repeat if you like the effect.  I also put a little more Agrax Earthshade in a few places I wanted to darken further, the fingers in his right fist for example.

2 Things

A tale of two Things or (Thing 1 and Thing 2)

So here he is (on the right) standing next to his more orangey clone.  I really wasn’t sure which version I preferred more, but in the end I stuck with the plan and have sent off the newer, darker Thing to the event.

So that’s it from me.  If you are interested in getting hold of this figure or any of the many others that have been sent into Little Heroes for Little Heroes, then please keep an eye on their site and take part when the fun starts.  There’s quite a few exceptionally well painted figures in there, just hope my little Thing is good enough to help raise some funds.

~ Neil of Orange

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