Troll Forged Miniatures Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter

I will state a few details first and then get onto the product review. Take this as you will. I think I had become so disinterested in this project now due to the time delay that I no longer had any feelings for or against it.

Back in June 2012, Kickstarter was not yet available to projects outside the US and so it wasn’t such a big thing over here in the UK. My first discovery and pledge was for Sedition Wars (US based). It almost hit $1million. It was all very exciting. We were throwing  money into a game as though we were building it. We were getting loads of extras and cheap models. It sounded like a great bargain.

No one talks about the game anymore. Occasionally, people pop up on trade groups trying to sell the boxed game for very little. No one bites. So sad.

Before it had arrived, the adrenaline was still running. Kickstarter was cool. We got loads of freebies and cheap extras. You just had to wait a few months to get the stuff. I backed two more projects, Red Box Games’ first Kickstarter – “Fantasy Miniatures!!!” and Troll Forged Miniatures’ “Assimilation Alien Host”. I wasn’t sure why I backed RBG other than to get some really cool models. That tends to be justification enough. However, for TFM I had a plan. We were playing a 15mm game called Gruntz at the time and we planned to start a campaign the following Summer. Plenty of time I thought, since the estimated delivery was April 2013. Both of these projects suffered fantastic delays. I wasn’t really bothered by RBG’s delay as I didn’t have a plan or schedule for the models. I was eager to get hold of my aliens from TFM though.

We stopped playing Gruntz in 2013.

I packed away my 15mm bugs in 2014.

Last month, I received a small postal card asking for £22 in customs fees. It had to be TFM, as I wasn’t expecting anything else from the US.

I checked the date.


That’s 2 years, 7 months later than the estimated delivery… and I had to pay more money. I’d only pledged $81/£53 inc. shipping for the contents, so that’s another 40% on top! Strangely, the box has listed the value as $93, so perhaps I added in an extra pledge amount outside Kickstarter that I can no longer trace or recall…


So, I opened up the box, expecting to find all the lovely alien resin inside, especially as the box had been valued at $93 and VAT applied accordingly.

No, apparently not.

2015-11-27 13.15.53

Should I expect to pay another customs charge on the next box, when that comes? Royal Mail throw in a £8 just for handling it.

Delay and extra fees aside, the contents are good. Despite the extra cost, it’s easily still value for money. Just not the value I had eagerly pledged over 3 years ago and those extras fees sadly do not end up with the artist.

Product review

Trollcast resin is great. Firm, nice to touch, adjustable in hot water.

First out of the box, the Limited Edition Host

Overall a great cast. Minor mold lines on the flanks, easily cleaned.

Sly, the right hand has broken tentacles from transit (red) and the left hand has air bubbles/holes where 6 of the tentacles/teeth should have been (purple). Two spikes on the left leg suffer the same.


Acceptable product, having seem much worse from other companies, but I know a few who would reject this.

Alternative Hosts

Flawless casts. Minor mold lines on flanks.

host 2





Minor feeder issue on head, but otherwise flawless.


Sky Hunter


sky hunter


Yep, flawless.


Stealth Warrior


stealth warrior

Grub Worms

Flawless. I’m actually quite excited at this point.. itching to build these as they were the reason I backed the project!


Limited edition Grub Worms


limited grub


Flawless. Impressively so, considering the details.








Well, that was straight forward. Ed’s sculpts and casting is superb in all but 1 case here – the free, limited edition host. Not really an issue for myself to fix as an amateur sculptor.

I will admit, I feel a like more positive now. These models are lovely. The sheer quantity is worth well over what was paid (including the extra fees). I’m not sure what I will do with them all, but that’s why we collect miniatures, right?

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. maxxev says:

    if you have no plans for the warriors and or adults let me know ;).

  2. Rusty Dice says:

    I’ll have a think on it. I should probably sell them as I have no plans, but may regret it 5 minutes later.

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