Hunters of the Wild for Kings of War – WIP

I’ve been posting various undead updates on the MyWargame’s facebook page for some time and ignoring the blog.  In an effort for me to post more often, rather than waiting till I’ve completed a project, some (possibly) useful WIPs are going to be appearing here.  Oh and not all of them will be undead, today its Forces of Nature, for Kings of War.

I’ve been brewing a new unit for some time, the Hunters of Wild ‘elite’ infantry.  These are described as sylvan elves, faeries, forest creatures and all manner of other things – they’ve even been renamed from Sylvan Kin since edition 1.0.  Many players have used the GW Dryad figures, I’ve already been using my classic metal wood elf dryads from circa 1998 in games.  I wanted something new and in keeping with my painted from scratch Forces of Nature army, so here’s what I’ve come up with, thanks to a lot of help from friends and the internet of course.


I’m semi-multibasing the unit – that is more than one model on a big base.  Hunters of the Wild are now on 20mm bases, so should be 100m wide in either troop or regiment formation according to the rules.  The GW Dryad figures (metal and plastic versions) are quite big and normally go on 25mm bases, so the change in size this edition made me ponder for a bit.  In the end I decided to get some 50mm bases (4) and make 4 small multibases.

I started with the GW plastic dryads as they are in my opinion a very nice set.  I did however want more variety so I scoured the internet for other ideas and pillaged some friend’s collections too.  This meant I had some decisions to make about the number of models to use and how to position them.  In the end, I decided to aim for a nice look rather than an exact model count, but with the addition of smaller sprites etc. it should be close to the target model count of 20, and given the size of the larger models it works ok I think.

This first selection is a very feral looking GW dryad with a sprite in it’s branches (inspired by a build from a KoW army I saw online), a sprite from a wood elf sprue on a resin branch from MDP and a Reaper Bones faerie.  I’ve raised the Bones figure up a bit on cork.


This second base is another GW dryad, a Reaper Bone Dryad and a Reaper Bones familiar, again raised on some cork.  There is a tree stump on here as well you cant quite see, also from MDP.


Third base is w GW dryads – I plan to add more sprites later.  The treestump is MDP and lots of cork here.


Finally two more GW Dryads, a tree stump and a little Faerie knight from Grenadier, donated by my good friend Marc.  All raised on cork.


Putting it all together, you can see they fit neatly, forming a neat mini-diorama almost.  They also neatly split into two troop sized regiments along the front/back should I ever want to use a couple of smaller units (although rules wise this doesn’t seem very useful right now).  All of these are at this stage dry-fitted to make sure the unit bases fit together and look ok.  I need to consider how best to paint this lot, so lots of blue tac and balancing made sense.


So this is how far I have got to now.  A few more details have been added (some more tree roots and branches, a waystone) and a few more sneaky sprites on various bits of tree.  I’ve left the blue tac on the bases where the Dryads are going to be, used some wood filler around the edges of the cork and have put a first layer of sand over the base.  Once this is dry, I’ll peel the blue tac away and start painting knowing that I have space and a flat surface for the remaining figures.  All the others are now superglued in place, but hopefully spaced out well enough I can get a paintbrush on them all.


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