Troll Outpost Swamp Warrior

As a Fimir collector, your choices for something official are slim. Forgeworld sell a pack of 3 warriors for £31. That’s it.

If you skim through eBay, you’ll see the classic Bibby models go for no less than £20 each. Rare collectibles, slowly losing quality, but rising in value.

Beyond this, you have to look at proxies, conversions or alternative models. Fortunately, there are a few gems out there. One, perhaps the best, is Troll Outpost’s Swamp Warrior. It’s a great sculpt and it’s cheaper than Forgeworld.

The model is resin. It’s full of detail, well beyond the classic models. There’s very little, easy, cleaning to do before assembling the model. The pose is far less hunched than the Forgeworld models, adding a little height. He makes for a great leader model.

Here he is out of the box:

Swamp warrior unassembled

And very quickly assembled:
swamp warrior fimir 1

The warrior fits in very well with both old (left) and new (right) official Fimir miniatures. A perfect addition to your warband:

swamp warrior with fimir

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Diego says:

    Great review!
    This model took me ages to be completed , but I think it worth the effort 🙂

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