Panzerfäuste Gnome Voltigeur Section Review

The newly-formed Hysterical Games recently ran a Kickstarter to fund their new wargame, Panzerfäuste: Mechanised Warfare. I was lucky enough to buy some items early for review, all of a Gnomish nature.

What really drew me in were the Gnome terrain pieces as they are suitable for all sorts of games, since Panzerfäuste is a 28mm wargame game. That review will follow later.

Rob was kind enough to include a Gnome Voltigeur Section for me to review. It was borne of me joking that I “have no gnomes” to take pictures against the buildings, so he remedied that!

The models are small and quite cute. I had to double check the game is 28mm, but the Kickstarter details reassure me it is. They’re gnomes. Gnomes are small!

The section gives you 12 models on 20mm bases.


Here’s the cast straight out of the bag:

gnome section on sprue

The resin is great to work with, just soft enough to cut, clean and bend if required, but strong enough to retain shape. The casts were so clean, I didn’t need to do much cleaning. However, their tiny nature made clipping them from the resin a little fiddly – I lost a foot!

Construction is simple – there’s 2 or 3 parts for each model, just the body and one or two arm pieces.  They practically fell together. Being a man, I assembled them without looking at the reference material, so I ended up with some interesting poses.

gnomes assembled

Yep, I broke a foot and messed up some arms, so I turned one into a casualty/objective marker.

I have no other Panzerfäuste models to compare them against. The Kickstarter is scheduled to deliver September 2016, so it may be a while before I do. Instead, here’s a sneak shot against one of the Gnome buildings that I’ll be reviewing later.

gnomes and building

And to put them into perspective, here’s a scale shot against some other ranges. I warned you I had no other Gnomes:

gnome scale shot

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I will of course be painting these cool models. I will start a project blog over at the War Kings forums.

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