Creatures of the Night

I’ve been floating around concepts and very, very slowly sculpting miniatures for a game-world concept for a couple of years now. It’s tentatively called Creatures of the Night. Sometimes I refer to it as “Mat Zemlya”, which¬†translates to “damp mother earth.”

The underlying theme of the game is the duality of day and night, with some units changing in power and abilities as the environment alternates. The concepts are heavily drawn from Slovak mythology and folklore, though I am not going to make that a restriction on my creativity. I like all things swamp, so there’s a lot of bog-dwelling creatures involved.

Something I like to do in all aspects of art is flip archetypes. Why should Undead be evil? Why is nature represented as a benevolent force? Expect the opposite to what you’ve come to accept in game world¬†culture and you may like where I am taking it.

This year I am picking up the pace and putting some miniatures into production. The project was intended to be about putting a theme to my sculpts and ideas, so they are being designed to be usable in other games, rather than restricted to my own. Over the coming months I will be sharing my creations with you and explaining my motivations.

Here are two very old sculpts I created for the project. Both are being revised first and hopefully put into production first!

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Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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