Hunters of the Wild for Kings of War – Part 2

Following on from the work in progress post I have been patiently working away on painting and assembling my hunters of the wild unit.


With the bases of main dryad figures being painted in separate pieces, I stuck the dryads to corks with PVA so they were easier to handle.  These first two are painted as some form of vine, or strangling creeper plants.  These are actually my favourite two poses it turns out as I worked on the group.  The owl is from the Dryad kit, the other one I have (which I have put on my Greenwarden) is a much nicer model.


These two I saw more as thorny shrub plants, the reddish branches sharp and dangerous.  The skull headed one is displaying a trophy from some past victim.  A sprite is hitching a ride as well.


The last two are painted as more typical trees – one with another victim’s skull caught in the tendrils and the second with a sprite just taking off from the foliage.  Consistently across all of these models is the bright blue I’ve used – eyes on all the dryads and the body for the sprites.


The first of the bases shows off the reaper Sylph model.  She’s a lighter blue than the sprites but her eyes are glowing with the same shade.


The second base has the reaper Dryad emerging from a tree.  She’s a very rich green, more a spirit of the forest than a physical plant.  The dagger she has is painted as stone with glowing vines over it.  A little GW sprite (the beetle thing) is crawling around above her head.  In front of her is a Reaper familiar that’s clearly some sort of faerie thief.


The third base just has a couple of sprites on it, a GW bug again and a Reaper faerie dragon familiar.


The final base showcases an old Genadier faerie knight and another GW bug sprite.  The knight got turned around a bit when he was glued down, not sure how – I’d prefer him to be facing forward a bit more.


So here’s the whole lot assembled and placed in typical regiment formation, before I add foliage to the bases.  Fortunately everything still fits together nicely, I used the photos from part 1 to check where everything was supposed to go!


I’ve used a variety of self adhesive tufts and static grass clumps here.  I’ve decided not to use scattered leaves at the moment, I’ll play with them like this for a bit and see if I feel the bases need any more on them.


So here’s the finished unit from a slight side angle – looks like one of the tufts is coming away on this shot!  I fixed it after.


A shot from the other side – the owl stealing the shot.


Here’s the unit spread out – it looks like they will work just fine as two troops should I decide to field them as such.


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