Sons of Horus – Age of Darkness – pledge 1

Before Christmas, “Super Edd” proposed the idea of a group escalation project – starting new armies, with monthly goals.  Having a backlog of miniatures to paint, I signed up. I had been waiting for Betrayal at Calth to acquire a load of Mk4 Marines to build up as Space Wolves, but the wait was sufficient enough to put me off them. As much as I liked my prototype Space Wolf, the idea of painting an army of grey did not appeal.

age of darkness space wolf

Instead, I had a think though the other legions. I wanted to do something that would look and play very different to my Iron Hands. It couldn’t be Dreadnought or tank heavy and it wouldn’t be full of breachers. I also wanted to adhere to my 100-marine challenge, which set out to build an army that includes 100 pairs of feet. Finally, I wanted something tribal. i decided to return to one of my earlier legions, the Sons of Horus.

The first part of the pledge was to build and paint a 500 point force. I chose Maloghurst and 2 squads of veterans.

pre heresy sons of horus

age of darkness 30k sons of horus

The deadline for 500 points was January, so with 3 months to paint, it was easily achieved. The next target is 750 by 28th February. We are allowed to add, change or completely redo the army, so long as we present 750 points.  Watch this space for my next contigent!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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