Creatures of the Night – Anibal

My thirdĀ sculpt from the COTN range is Anibal, who is essentially a Minotaur. My first minotaur! I have a thing for Minotaurs, so this sort of sculpt was inevitable and is certainly the first of many. There was a bit of a disaster with the mold’s rubber, causing all sorts of delays and issues getting him cast, but we did salvage some good copies that are being used to build new models forthe range and likely other projects.

This sculpt was the sort of project that I really liked from one angle, but came to hate in all the others. The more I worked on him, the more I was probably damaging the piece and overdoing things rather than just finishing. Having just put the brush down from working on his paint job, I just see flaws all over the model (at least to me), but I do have the opportunity to fix these for future molds.

Anibal, who is likely to be renamed, is an Iberian. A clan that arrived from Iberia to settle in Ireland, but ended up battling much more than settling. He is a Milesian – named after the Sons of Mil.

I don’t think I ever took a pic of the final green, so here is a work in progress.


Lording over other bulls:


..and showing his beefy largeness:


I haven’t quite found the time to finish painting my copy yet, but rather than leave you without a picture of his “final form”, here is my paint-in-progress.



Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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