Aftermath Club : Kings of War Tournament Oct 2016

So despite playing war games for a silly amount of years, I’ve never really taken part in the tournament scene.  Partly this was due to not wanting to be slave to the current meta in a given game, but also finding most games to be a lot less fun in a very competitive setting.

I’ve recently moved house and am discovering the local gaming community around Norfolk.  Aftermath is a big club around these parts and they’ve got a good Kings of War player base, so as this is my current favourite game I thought I’d try the tournament there out as a way to meet local players and see what the game was like in this sort of setting.

As a non-competitive player my armies are collections that never truly stop growing.  My Forces of Nature army is quite well documented on this blog and with a relatively low model count I thought a good choice for this event rather than the 200+ figures I’d need to take to use my undead!


So here’s the force I pulled together, on a tray for ease of transport not display! (I suggest you click on all the pics for a more detailed look throughout this article by the way) I don’t actually have much choice at 2000 points, I’m not a fast painter and I’ve been playing 1000-1500 point games for around 3 years now, so there hasn’t been the need to grow quickly past that sort of level.  I did get a practice game at Aftermath one evening and learnt very quickly that flying units and creatures are very good for helping drive your own options and making your opponents turns more difficult.  With this in mind I dropped a unit of centaurs and my Dryads and quickly painted up a Reaper Bones griffon as well as re-based my old warhammer Stormwind in time for the event.

The army consists of:

Also shown on the tray is some mimic treasure tokens which I used as objectives throughout the day.

The tournament was hosted as day 1 of the more standard 2 day format being used for the national event soon (we’ll have day 2 here next March) so there were 3 games to play over the day, with set scenarios and chess clocks to time the games.


Game 1 vs Jason (Brotherhood)

This was the loot scenario, where I was extremely grateful for Jason’s terrible dice rolling, the trees and the griffons.

I managed a narrow win, due to a lot of my units grabbing loot and running away with it!  Despite the terrible dice rolls Jason killed a lot of my army so attrition was with him, dragging my score down.


Game 2 vs Mark (Undead)

I got to stay on table 2 (well 22, we lost the 2 label!) and played Mark’s undead.  Not only is Mark using an army I’m quite familiar with (I can field exactly the same force should I wish) but I’d actually played my warm up game against Mark a couple of weeks previously and we played this scenario, Push too.

We played a really tactical game here, not a lot of combat overall, but the flyers doing a lot of staring across the snowy plain.  My practice game held me in good stead here and if not for some ropy dice rolls with my centaurs I may have won.  It was a solid drawn, I was pleased with this result as I felt Mark’s army is a good counter to mine.  Water Elementals were great here.


Game 3 vs Daniel (Varangur)

After the draw I dropped to table 3.  There were a few piece of impassable terrain and some obsticles here that as it turned out made a big difference to the outcome.  Initially I made a mess of moving around it you can just see the large Earth Elemental totally stuck by the Water Elementals.  Later in the game this actually saved him from Daniel’s Kings on Chimera (represented by Demon Princes in the game) and he went on to allow me to achieve an almost perfect draw in the Invade scenario, despite a poor start for me the Water Elementals once again stayed in the game for a long time and killed the second King on the final turn.

Overall then I came joint 4th, dropping to 5th due to attrition points.  Leon was running the event, so he dropped out of the prizes, so I only just missed out on some cool loot.  I also picked up a vote for best painted – I snagged some pictures of the other more voted for armies below, you’ll see why I didn’t get more!

I really enjoyed my day, I think all everyone did.  There was a huge amount of sportsmanship across the games I played, I would have struggled to nominate a player over any other.  I have limited experience of these sorts of events as I said at the start, but those I have attended have always made me stressed during the day and didn’t especially encourage me to do more.  This event was the opposite, I enjoyed myself throughout the day and even though the games were timed, had plenty of time to chat with the other players – and after the games where we offered advice and talked more generally.  I personally can’t wait till March and have started painting various new things I might want to use (no doubt coming to this blog soonish).

Some other snaps from the day.

Daniel’s slave units

Daniel’s army scared me, on paper the Varangur look horrible, so I wasn’t looking forward to facing them.  As it turns out, they are horrible but not invincible, so a good lesson in facing your fears.  One of the more interesting units tactically were slaves.  Daniel had two of these – one with the explody amulet of doom (the Orc with the big ax).  For cheap units, these have quite high nerve (12/15) so gave Daniel some chaff units that could also hang around if he wanted them too.  He’s used a mix of models here to represent unfortunates from other armies forced into battle.


Jamie’s Orcs

Jamie got a couple of best painted army votes and was kind enough to arrange his army so I could take a good shot of them all.  Its largely Games Workshop Warhammer Orcs, although there’s an AoS Orruk on giant beasty in there.  The mammoths represent chariot hordes and there’s some Orclings from Mantic.


James’ Brotherhood (of the Night’s Watch)

The man who took the title of best painted army home was James.  He was still playing his last game when I tried to nab some shots, so I didn’t get the complete force – I am playing him in a friendly later this month so will try and get a shot then.  His Brotherhood are Game of Thrones inspired with some fantastic multi basing and painting to see.


A unit of brothers with a weirwood at their backs – great thematic unit.


A unit of knights – some fantastic brush work on the figures and a lovely icy multi-base that shows them all off with the clever tiering.

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