Vanguard: The Aftermath campaign

Exciting news at MyWargame, my wargaming club Aftermath has been chosen by Mantic to be part of the Your Club, Your Story initiative based around their skirmish game Vanguard.

I’m a big fan of Mantic’s Kings of War game and was really interested in the skirmish companion game when it was announced. I picked up the rulebook as soon as it was released and have been playing it on and off at home and at Aftermath, so when the Mantic sponsored opportunity was announced, I got the club’s permission to (enthusiastically) apply.

When I got the email letting me know Aftermath had been chosen I was a so happy there may have been a little dance. I quickly contacted all the keen players who had thrown their hats into the ring to let them know the good news – but also the interesting little wrinkle Mantic had thrown into the mix – we’d get a random mix of warbands and we’d need to figure out how to share them and get the best result for the club for everyone wanting to take part.

Everyone was pleased we’d been picked by Mantic and really gracious about their preferences. This was really encouraging because it has meant we have more players taking part than I originally expected, with several players passing their opportunity at a new warband on to new players.

It wasn’t long before a huge box turned up on my doorstep! I quickly made it safe in my gaming cave – you can see my puppy stalking the exciting cardboard lottery he thought he’d won. Teeth off little buddy!

Craft knife in hand I carefully opened the parcel to find out what treasure Mantic had sent us. This is the booty that arrived, collectively our club is was a bit overwhelmed by the level of support, so we’re going to do our best to record our adventures in Vanguard and beyond as a measure of our gratitude.

The first step in this is to introduce all of the players who are taking part, a bit in the style of the “tale of x gamers” articles from White Dwarf of yesteryear. Aftermath is lucky enough to have several members who have social media presence, so we’ll be posting content in various formats across these different places – hopefully you’ll find something of interest to find and click through.

Today’s blog post covers the first 3 players…

Neil of Orange

First up is me, now in my demon form taking the reins of the Abyssal Warband on for this campaign. I’m a long time wargamer (as this blog attests to) who whilst happy to dabble with any game, is most happy playing in fantasy based settings, I’ve certainly painted way more models from this genre than any other.

I’ve been eyeing up the Abyssal Warband for a little while after painting up some lava based scenery and a few demon themed models and really enjoying it. After some demonic manipulation I was able to snag the Abyssal models from the collection Mantic sent, passing the rulebook and dice onto another player who we’ll meet in a future blog.

I’ve picked up one set of objectives to get painted up as well.

With the announcement of Kings of War V3 later in the year, I have no doubt that I will expand my warband into a full army, so I’ll be covering all the hobby and game decisions and progress as I go through this journey.


(In his own words, taken from his own Vanguard blog – go here to follow his diary entries on this project)

Hi, I’ve been a gamer for many years. In my early teens I was heavily into RPG’s, got into painting some fantasy and sci-fi miniatures and dabbled in tabletop war games. Having had a break from gaming to meet girls, drink beer and then get married and have kids I fell back into the hobby again about 15 years ago.

Since getting back into gaming I have probably played most major tabletop miniature systems to some level or another with Warhammer Fantasy Battle being my go to game for many of the first few years. I have also been to tournaments for various systems including WHFB, Bloodbowl, Malifaux, Kings of War, Dreadball and more. I’ve won a few trophies for generalship and a few for painting.

I could be classed as a magpie gamer as I tend to get into and collect for many more systems that I can physically play, but I guess that just makes me the average gamer ha ha. I also have a board game collection of over 150 games and tinker with 3D printing.

Recently I’ve been slack on the painting front with only a handful of models completed so far this year (as of July 2019). One of the reasons for me to join this Vanguard campaign was to have a focus and goal for painting. At the same time getting to try this potentially awesome skirmish campaign game, a style which seems to be missing from my current gaming portfolio.

(Wrighty was the lucky recipient of the Basilean Warband)


Daniel’s the final player for this initial blog post. Daniel is a keen wargamer who has a history of largely Games Workshop based games. He’s not a big fan of the hobby side of gaming, preferring getting the figures on the table to the time preparing and painting them.

Daniel picked up the Vanguard rulebook at the same time I did and we’ve played a number of games with a variety of warbands using models from the range of armies we both had already.

For this campaign Daniel has kindly passed on taking any new models onto another player. Instead he has a growing collection of goblins that he’s going to herd into an effective skirmish warband. I may attempt to help him paint them – or failing that just steal some models to get some green on them!

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