Vanguard: The Aftermath campaign part 2

Neil here again to pick up the final round of introduction from the Aftermath club’s band of Vanguard heroes. I’ve managed to track down all the Marks it seems, we have 3 in the campaign…

Hello! I’m Mark, and will be using my Basileans in the Aftermath Vanguard campaign. I first got into wargaming over 20 years ago, after reading lots of fighting fantasy and lone wolf gamebooks (another hobby I still have to this day!), starting out with 40k before moving on to fantasy and other games. Things got a little too expensive and time-consuming for me during university, but after I graduated, Mantic Games came along and offered something new and exciting. I have been a big fan of their affordable minis and well-written rules for the last decade, even helping to write some content for their books in exchange for mountains of plastic.

I’ve been enjoying Vanguard a lot and recently ran demo games for it at Diceni (the awesome wargames convention which Aftermath runs in Norwich every year), really looking forward to the campaign and the giant siege game we have planned at the end of it!

Hi All, Mark here. I have been a war gamer for many years now, starting off as a child playing with rows of Airfix and Matchbox plastic figures and tanks. I play mostly historical games, El Cid, Fall of Rome and the Wars of the Roses being my top 3. Like many people, I had a gap from gaming as pubs, pints and girls became popular before finally settling down and getting back into gaming once again. Along with my many (far too many) historical games, I also got into fantasy gaming with Warhammer fantasy and especially Mordheim mostly thanks to Games Workshop in Norwich where there was a shop that had wargames figures you could buy over the counter! So when the Aftermath club announced a KOW Vanguard Campaign, I jumped at the chance to join in. Good excuse to get my magic on again, use figures that don’t get used enough and to play against fellow Aftermathers I don’t get the chance to game with that often. Having been kindly given the Rulebook as part of the Mantic Campaign, a quick read through and they seem pretty good. The old classic of easy to learn but hard to master! As most things are for me these days!

Kingdoms of Men Warband Using Wargames Foundry Miniatures of Spanish Conquistadors. Some of the favourite figures in my collection that I barely get a chance to use so this was a good reason to dust them off. Hailing from the Island of Ithaca many miles from the Coast of Basilea Powerful noble families send out small expeditions of tough seafarers in search of riches and good fortune. The war and is financed by the Boldero family.

Rounding out the Aftermath initial players is Darren. Darren has taken on the Goblins and was the lucky recipient of the kit from Mantic. When asked for comments he was unexpected dragged off by a mawbeast, so I’ll try to track him down for a future update.

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