Staring into the Abyss – Part 4 : Picking colours and painting demons

I’ve been picking up demonic (or I suppose more appropriately Abyssal) creatures for a while, there’s a number of games I play where I’ve ended up with assorted red skinned or flame-y miniatures. I was even inspired to put together a lava themed table to give my various creatures a home and an interesting place to play games over.

My most recent painting fun before starting the Vanguard campaign were a couple of Reaper Bones demons, the rulers of hell.

With these two large models complete, it made sense to borrow from the colour schemes for any other minions I collected, giving any skirmish or army force I put together a sense of coherency, even if the bases were different shapes 😉

So lots of traditional red, brass and rather than flat black, I’ve gone for a blueish tint. The bases will be lava based to reflect the table I’ve created, although the lesser creatures will stick to the slightly less dangerous areas, so will have cracks rather than flows on their bases.

Flamebearers have exciting flameballs to paint

Annoying strand of hair distracts demon mid-battle…

In addition to the Vanguard starter and Booster box, I’ve bought an Abyssal Army starter box (review to come at a later point). This has given me access to the rather nice Succubus figures that can be used as part of the Vanguard warband. Taking the cues then from the rulers, I’ve been working out how best to mix the colours I’ve chosen onto the smaller models to see how it works out.

Yes I can see the mould lines on his arms now, I regret much

I’ve also taken the opportunity to try out the Games Workshop contrast paints on these as I have many to paint as part of my Kings of War army, finding ways to speed that up can only be a good thing! I’ve used Flesh Tearer’s red (with dry brushed highlights of Evil Sunz scarlet) and Black Templar on boots and the odd bit of cloth here and there. The metallics, wood, hair, eyes and horns are traditional paints completed after the skin was done.

Here’s the Succubus tester models – probably more than I’ll ever use in a single Vanguard game, but it represents all of the different weapon options on the sprue.

This is the lesser abyssal line up – more likely to be used as 5 cheap grunts are pretty handy in some scenarios of Vanguard.

The bases have all been done using the Games Workshop Mordant Earth technical paint over a swirly mix of red, orange and yellow. I’ve been told I can enhance the crackle effect by putting PVA over the colours before applying the Mordant Earth, I’ll be trying this and will post a tutorial if it works out!

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