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With old Gdub pretty much burying their Fimir range, which were already nichely hidden away in the tombs of Forge World, how do you go about collecting a Fimir army? eBay is rife with overpriced classic models, slowly trading hands for ever-increasing amounts of coin.

Fortunately, several companies produce models that are entirely compatible. With a healthy combination of passion and determination, one such company is Krakon Games. Going beyond creating just Fimir miniatures, KG sat down and did the research.

What are Fimir? Well the name and the concept is not as original as their tales portray. Fimir, derived from Fomor or Fomorians (and a hundred other variants), are a classic bunch of bad guys from pseudo Irish history (see the Lebor Gabála Érenn / Book of Invasions for some awesome reading). Their visage? Also just borrowed from a classic Alan Lee piece of art. Entirely expected of 80s Gdub, but alas… We all arrive at our destinations through a journey upon previously-trodden paths.

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With such a rich background to delve into, lashings of cross-stories and etymology, there’s really quite a lot of material to play with for the Fomorians before even needing to get even slightly creative. Krakon Games is rolling with the ‘Invasions mythology big time. With plans to explore multiple flavours of clans, covering everything from squid-faces to bat-winged horrors. The Fomorions were varied and plentiful, so shall be their range.

That said, the basics are very much there already. Covering both dungeon-crawl and ogre-shoed sizes, the existing Fomorian range from Krakon Games offers you more than enough choice to get you playing Fimir in Warhammer, Mordheim, Warcry or, well, any game. Stick guns on them if you like!

So let’s start taking a look at the choices and start building some raiding party.

One of the Fomorian clans explore the more demonic side, which is ideal for Fimir who are supposedly half-demon.

This “Crooked Teeth” clan is a group of warlocks, firebrands-conjurers of the fel, tainted and corrupt. As such, their rank and file are quite beefy and angry.

But wait. It gets worse. These berserkers hint at insanity through lack of control, but the truth is something else has control. Meet the Demonmaniac.

We have the heavies and a leader covered, what about the rank and file? The first of a promised many, the sentinel is a more modest sized model that sits well alongside Heroquest Fimir.

Has your appetite been whet yet? Stay tuned for more and the start of a warband of Fimir miniatures.

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