Building a Fimir warband

In the previous article we took a look at “3rd party” miniatures that could be used as Fimir. Krakon Games has a wide selection of Fomorians that suit the role just fine, whether you want ogre-sized or the more modest Heroquest sized models. Why not both? They’re a varied species and in variation you can really push the potential of the demon-hybrid cyclopeans.

Warbands scream raiding and what better way to begin a party than to recruit some… Fimir raiders. Krakon Games has precisely the guys for the job. Originally 5 posed models with separate heads and tails, the raider range went proper multipart, dropping hands from the bodies to allow a multitude of different weapons to be used. The original concept of separate heads and tails is also ideal for simply buying those parts to stick onto other company’s models to become Fimir.

Now expanded to 8 bodies (with promises of more) there’s never a better time to get stuck in and building. Here’s one delicious example of “Zaracas” painted by Rochie Rochfort.

Crucially, Krakon Games now has half a dozen character models, all of whom could lead an aspiring bunch of raiders. Foremost would be Indech, a nice big raider king himself.

With a clear bag full of options, there’s more than enough material to put together a force. In the next article we’ll take a closer look at the multipart raiders and the multitude of options within the range.

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