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A model a day – day 1 – Dark Mechanicum Menial 5

A model a day – day 1 – Dark Mechanicum Menial

With just 45 days to go until the Age of the Emperor campaign I really need to get on top of my painting and focus my dendrites. As a challenge, I am setting myself the task of painting at least 1 model a day towards the goal of having my force completed. That then works out at 45 models.

Starting small, I’ve begun by painting up my first menial. Menials are the most lowly servants of the Mechanicum, charged with basic labours and are very expendible. They provide little more than a distracting horde in game, but can be joined by combat ogryns for a bit more punch.

The majority of my menials are built up from spare goblin musicians from the Skull Pass starter set, but with the release of the new Skaven models I had to take a scalpel to them!


Using Mechanicum armies in 40k

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and considered how to use my Mechanicum army in 40k. They were built pretty much exclusively for Tempus Fugitives campaigns, as they had their own codex. I tried using them as Imperial Guard and later Grey Knights, since my force is Chimera-heavy and includes a lot of infantry and guard-variant tanks. After Maelstrom Games’ demise, TF moved back south to Tabletop Nation and I have deemed that too far to justify.

The Mechanicum return to the skies 0

The Mechanicum return to the skies

The new-style Mechanicum is well into conception, although I have no new pictures to show you just yet. In fact, I still haven’t taken any pictures of my Iron hands from last month. I will get on top of that soon.

Unless there are some major problems with the codex I aim to field a force of Airborne Mechanicum. The army will include 2 Iron Wyvern Gyrocopters, 1-2 Storm Ravens, Robots and whatever jump infantry are required to fill the gaps.

Dark Mechanicus clash with World Eaters 1

Dark Mechanicus clash with World Eaters

When we plan Pre-Heresy meetings, things tend to get very serious. Weapons are drawn, curses are spat, cake is devoured.

A chance encounter took place between supposed allied forces of the World Eaters and Mechanicum forces this Sunday, concluding in a sound thrashing of Angron’s finest at the hands of a very adept assassin.


A return to old

6 years ago I was starting a new army – the Sons of Horus, a “pre-heresy” as we called it back then. I forget now, whether they came before of after my Salamanders – the colour didn’t change all that much. I think I didn’t even got so far as altering their pads, as they were never marked in the first place!

Kroot and Airbrushes 0

Kroot and Airbrushes

After 2 years of working with the Dark Mechanicum, I have decided to pursue something entirely different. I am not bored of the Mech, but I want to keep my other ideas keen before I am fully consumed with making forbidden engines…

The next campaign weekend I intend to to commit to is a _normal_ 40k campaign at Maelstrom Games. Another Tempus Fugitives event – they must be doing something right!