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Iron Hands martian bases – mini tutorial

I recently made the decision to rebase my entire Iron hands army from 25mm to 32mm round bases. Simply put, it looks so much better and it is the new standard, officially or not.

I did a quick proof of concept on an old base for the style before making the move. Previously I had caked the bases in orange MIG pigment, but that was very messy and after fixing the pigment, it lost its vibrancy.  Here he is in the middle amongst my older style bases.


Wayback Wednesday: October = Iron Hands?

Looking back through my posts on and around the first week of October I noticed that they’re the time I seem to pick up my Iron Hands army. I am not the kind of person who works solidly on a project until completion, as I tend to work on a few at a time, leap-frogging new, old and recycled projects.

Iron Hands army planning 1

Iron Hands army planning

With 3 months on the count down, I am very eager to try and tie down my lists for Age of the Emperor. It is a little difficult without the final codex options, but I can begin to outline what options I have with the missions and models available.

There are two types of mission:

  1. Planetstrike
  2. Heavy Assault

Planetstrike is fought as attacker, defender and in doubles and solo for both. That’s 4 games, requiring a list for invader and defender.

Codex Crusades – Iron Hands 0

Codex Crusades – Iron Hands

In an attempt to streamline and focus the huge project that is the Codex Crusades, the first legion to receive much attention has reached a stage of playtesting, idea feedback and balancing but as a seperate entity from the rest. I’ve decided to seperate the Iron Hands (and future legions) into their own file for the duration. Should the monumental day that everything is completed reach us, I’ll collate them all back into a single tome.

Crusade-era Iron Hands 0

Crusade-era Iron Hands

Seduced by the Omnissiah, my next pre-Heresy project has been long planned as Iron Hands. With the recent release of Forgeworld armour, my weak flesh succumbed and I had to make a few prototype models.

I am combining a lot of kits for these marines. The core models will be MkII and MkIII kits from Forgeworld, combined with some Death Guard and Iron Hands parts. I want a predominantly MkII feel to the army, but won’t be breaking my wallet by fielding everything from Forgeworld!