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Legio Astraman pt2 0

Legio Astraman pt2

null-11So a little more progress on the Reavers over the last week. I really found that you need to consider the pose of the legs at every juncture, just to make sure that the peripheral parts will still fit.


‘That’s no moon, it’s a…………’ giant walking robot – Legio Astraman pt1

DSC00258So it appears with the natural ebb and flow of the Internet blog tides that some of my projects are now floating in the ether. I wanted to draw one thread together here, that being my Legio Astraman Titan Legion. I’ve become very excited by massive walking gods of machine and fire again recently and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to blog the progress on the creation of two Reaver Titans being made side by side.


Enemies of the Emperor

A work in progress across the gaming community, involving several different people with a passion for 30K and the experience to forge something fairly unique in the gaming community – several new races for games of Warhammer 40,000.
The premise of this project is to act as a foil to the recently published Forgeworld rules for gaming in the 30K universe. Drawing inspiration from the fantastic stories published by the Black Library and the amazing artwork of Neil Roberts, this ‘codex’ will provide gaming material and hobby inspiration for anyone who feels tierd of marine armies in 30K.
Comments and feedback are welcomed – especially after any playtesting. This is a community effort for the community rather than a ‘one man show’.