Author: Neil of Orange


Staring into the Abyss – Part 1 : Abyss Warband Set box opening and review

As part of the Your Club, Your Story initiative with Mantic Games, I’ve been carefully taking pictures of everything I’ve been doing! I’ve still managed to miss a few shots, but hopefully this remains a useful reference for everything in the Abyssal Warband Set box. Its a bit oldskool doing this as a blog post rather than a video, I hope you’ll bear with me.

Vanguard: The Aftermath campaign part 2 0

Vanguard: The Aftermath campaign part 2

Neil here again to pick up the final round of introduction from the Aftermath club’s band of Vanguard heroes. I’ve managed to track down all the Marks it seems, we have 3 in the campaign…


Vanguard: The Aftermath campaign

Exciting news at MyWargame, my wargaming club Aftermath has been chosen by Mantic to be part of the Your Club, Your Story initiative based around their skirmish game Vanguard.

I’m a big fan of Mantic’s Kings of War game and was really interested in the skirmish companion game when it was announced. I picked up the rulebook as soon as it was released and have been playing it on and off at home and at Aftermath, so when the Mantic sponsored opportunity was announced, I got the club’s permission to (enthusiastically) apply.


Tutorial : Making lava pools

A number of my recent hobby projects have been based around creating tightly themed scenery sets – so far I’ve done a swamp, several sci-fi worlds, a wild west town and a desert.

My next idea was to do a volcanic set, for high fantasy as well as sci-fi games. I’ll cover more of the complete table as I finish the various elements, but this post is to cover the lava pools I’ve been making, using the various Amera crater sets.


From the mists of legend they come…

I’ve always been a fan of some of the more unusual creatures from the depths of Warhammer 3rd edition. Zoats, were wolves, jabberwock and many others haven’t had much limelight for many years.

I’ve been pleased to learn that the Fimir still have rules under the Age of Sigmar game system, but a little disappointed by how different the Forge World Fimir look compared to the classic models of old.


Twelve Encounters of Rogue Stars

I’ve not done a lot of blogging in 2017, although I have posted a lot of pictures directly on the the facebook account for MyWargame and I thought a post was overdue.  I did spent a lot of hobby time working on sci-fi models this year so as a bit of fun, here’s some of the highlights with the context of the Rogue Stars campaign that I’m continuing to run for a growing group of players.