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Lord of Battle or Deathdealer? 1

Lord of Battle or Deathdealer?

Yesterday, this appeared:

Copyright 2013 Games Workshop

Copyright 2013 Games Workshop

Not unlike the ‘leak’ of the Eldar Wraithknight, there was an uproar of feedback, with many comments on the model being a bad new idea. Well, it’s a shame, but understandable, that so many are unaware that these models are modern reinventions of existing (though somewhat OOP) models. The concepts have been around for two decades – older than some of the people decrying the images.


Return to Darkness

I’d like to blame my lack of blogging on my camera breaking, but really it’s that huge come-down after a major event, where I disassociate myself from my armies for a short while and play board games.

It’s been  4 months since my last post and I do actually miss the banter and ideas from visitors. I have finally broken out of my board gaming vacation and am back into the miniature world. I blame the new Chaos models for this…