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New Skitarii experiments 3

New Skitarii experiments

With a major overhaul (read: complete re-write) of the Mechanicus codex, it’s a little difficult to decide (or know) what my army will comprise come March.

Apart from Skitarii. Everyone has Skitarii!

Rather than re-work my older Skitarii, I fancied trying some new builds. I don’t want to alienate new from old, but I do want something different.

The Mechanicum return to the skies 0

The Mechanicum return to the skies

The new-style Mechanicum is well into conception, although I have no new pictures to show you just yet. In fact, I still haven’t taken any pictures of my Iron hands from last month. I will get on top of that soon.

Unless there are some major problems with the codex I aim to field a force of Airborne Mechanicum. The army will include 2 Iron Wyvern Gyrocopters, 1-2 Storm Ravens, Robots and whatever jump infantry are required to fill the gaps.

Hello Godhammer! 3

Hello Godhammer!

In March, the Mechanicum return. This means I get to dig out my 4,000-odd points of red coats to play bolter-fodder once more. Or does it?

Godhammer is a Forgeworld and the focal point of the 6th Age of the Emperor instalment. Everyone with a spaceboat has their eye on the planet…

It’s our planet and we’re going to keep it that way, Omnissiah-willing!

Porting a ridiculously over-themed army into a codex 8

Porting a ridiculously over-themed army into a codex

Alas! I am stuck with a new dilemma. After a year of toiling at my Dark mechanicum army, I find myself without a legal force to commit to the table. The army was built almost exclusively for the Tempus Fugitives events and may well see more action in that capacity, but now I face other challenges in the world of 40k and need a legitimate bunch of models to play with!

Hot stuff – Painting the Storm Raven 6

Hot stuff – Painting the Storm Raven

The red blob known as my Storm Hawk finally got some treatment this weekend.

I’ve trawled the Internets for guides or examples of heat damage for aircraft with no joy. NASA craft are built in such a way (and expense) that atmospheric re-entry does not leave them in the mess that I intend to portray with my bird.