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Mortis Skitarii 1

Mortis Skitarii

At the core of my Dark Mechanicum army stand the Skitarii Hypasposts. Armed with Hellguns and carapace armour, they’re as hard as Imperial veterans, but take less risks getting into battle – arriving behind enemy lines from their Termites.

The Scouring – time minus 19 days 3

The Scouring – time minus 19 days

There’s less than 3 weeks until the Scouring campaign weekend and the joblist is starting to look intimidating. I’ve settled with building as much as I can now and worrying about painting the lot later!

I am happy that Kelbor Hal is at a tabletop standard for now. if by some miracle I have some free time after everything else, I’ll add further detail and highlights.

The Scouring – time minus 23 days 4

The Scouring – time minus 23 days

As ever, the panic sets in with a deadline approaching.

In 23 days the Legio Mortis struggles to escape Mars, Terra, the greater Imperium as a whole. The Scouring is upon us and the Dark Mechanicum is in flight! With Horus slain, his forces have scattered to the stars to escape the wrathful vengeance of the loyalist armies.

Kelbor Hal upgraded 2

Kelbor Hal upgraded

As leader of my Dark Mechanicum and a definite choice for the upcoming Scouring campaign event, I have prioritised getting the old man prepared for battle. The original build left me feeling a little underwhelmed as his pose was too static and passive. Here’s a recap next to my Magos.

Dark Mechanicus clash with World Eaters 1

Dark Mechanicus clash with World Eaters

When we plan Pre-Heresy meetings, things tend to get very serious. Weapons are drawn, curses are spat, cake is devoured.

A chance encounter took place between supposed allied forces of the World Eaters and Mechanicum forces this Sunday, concluding in a sound thrashing of Angron’s finest at the hands of a very adept assassin.

Mechanicus Termite – part 2 3

Mechanicus Termite – part 2

The ‘boring machines’ are nearing completion. I’ve been asked to show some scale shots of the model, so here’s a quick selection against other models.