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Reinventing the steel – Iron Hands Captain 2

Reinventing the steel – Iron Hands Captain

My foray into the new Forgeworld retro armour kits has been one of experimentation and unusual results. Until now, I’ve not been too strict about the components I match up for a marine figure, but I’ve challenged myself to try and maintain the look of each model as a set suit of armour as far as possible.

Crusade-era Iron Hands 0

Crusade-era Iron Hands

Seduced by the Omnissiah, my next pre-Heresy project has been long planned as Iron Hands. With the recent release of Forgeworld armour, my weak flesh succumbed and I had to make a few prototype models.

I am combining a lot of kits for these marines. The core models will be MkII and MkIII kits from Forgeworld, combined with some Death Guard and Iron Hands parts. I want a predominantly MkII feel to the army, but won’t be breaking my wallet by fielding everything from Forgeworld!