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Operation Ironclad – Burton Beer and Pretzels 2014

Last year, we ran a very successful large scale game at Burton’s Beer and pretzels. This year, we intend to build on that success and run another game (hopefully this becomes a trend).


Previously we tested the waters with a walker-only game using 40k and Apocalypse rules. To keep things fresh and keep challenging ourselves, we’re going to properly test the waters… with a sea invasion scenario – based on Operation Ironclad.


Wayback Wednesday: October = Iron Hands?

Looking back through my posts on and around the first week of October I noticed that they’re the time I seem to pick up my Iron Hands army. I am not the kind of person who works solidly on a project until completion, as I tend to work on a few at a time, leap-frogging new, old and recycled projects.


Unboxing: Games Workshop’s Eldar Spiritseer

Lat week I picked up an Eldar Spiritseer for a 600 point doubles tournament. My list was pretty simple, revolving around a Wraithknight, as my ally was bringing 2 Riptides. It seemed rude not to bring all the big robots…

The Spiritseer model is another fine Eldar sculpt that fits seamlessly into their range. I have been fortunate with the latest incarnation of Eldar models as a lot of the display models and box art show my chosen Craftworld – Saim Hann, so I can pretty much paint by numbers.


Kill Team tournament – Titan Games

Tonight I am co-hosting a mini Kill Team tournament with the lovely folks at Titan Games. Rather than just simply host it, both hosts wanted to also take part, so we are sharing admin duties in order to permit our own participation.

In an attempt to tweak and streamline the rules, I put together this image for the event. I made the assumption that I could drop all the obvious rules from the list as people were smart enough to work it out. It seems I was wrong!


New poll – help steer MyWargame

As I seem to have regained my hobby mojo, I’ve set up a new poll on the website. Want to see something particular from me? Go and vote now.

I’m going to be revitalising MyWargame and getting in some guest bloggers again, so please help me gauge my audience.

I am planning to do a major conversion/kitbash piece once per month, starting with ‘fixing’ the Helldrake model in August. I’ll also be cataloging my army projects, which are currently Betrayal Iron Hands, Mechanicum and no doubt Lizardmen very soon.


Mechanicum as Codex: Necrons

Before I delve into a unit by unit analysis, I want to make sure the reader understands what and why I am doing this. I’m not a WAAC player, trying to find the perfect army, I am a hobbyist without a codex trying to make do, with a little creative converting in mind. Check out my introductory post about this.

Unit analysis


Every army needs 2 or more troops as a organisational minimum and because you need scoring units to win missions that include objectives.