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Codex Crusades – Iron Hands 0

Codex Crusades – Iron Hands

In an attempt to streamline and focus the huge project that is the Codex Crusades, the first legion to receive much attention has reached a stage of playtesting, idea feedback and balancing but as a seperate entity from the rest. I’ve decided to seperate the Iron Hands (and future legions) into their own file for the duration. Should the monumental day that everything is completed reach us, I’ll collate them all back into a single tome.

Designer notes #1: Codex Crusades 4

Designer notes #1: Codex Crusades

Codex: Crusades

As a life long fan of 40k, Thousand Sons and more recently, the pre-Heresy era (aka 30k), the coming of a full-on book, looking into the rich background of the Thousand Sons (in the self-titled novel by McNeill) is a very welcomed gift.

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The book has been hugely influential on us – I’ve seen dozens of people start up their pre-heresy TS armies recently. It’s also pushed me into starting something I have wanted to do for a long time now – my own interpretation of the Great Crusade, in a playable format. This project, as hinted by the image to the left, is spearheaded by the Thousand Sons. What better way to launch!

Writing your own rules for your favourite game is a very appealing project, but the reality soon hits you – this is hard work! To ease the development, offer you some insight and hopefully avoid some potential mistakes, I’m starting a series of articles explaining how I’ve gone about developing this project.