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Project Nurgle – week 17

Where have the last 5 weeks gone? Nurgle knows…

After a mad dash to get my 1,000 points sorted out for a multiplayer battle on Tabletop Day, I lost momentum for the army. Having painted 46 Plaguebearers and 2 heralds just this year, I think I felt a little burnt out. However, We’ve started a Mighty Empires campaign at the club and I decided to keep at the daemons to keep my motivation up.


Project Nurgle – week 12

I forgot to post anything in week 11, but I’ve done far more than 11 unique models for this project and I have another bundle to post tonight!

As has been the trend… I painted some more Plaguebearers. They’re never ending! I’ve gathered almost 80 models, which is obviously a few duplicates. Here are all the uniques so far painted!

Oldhammer Plaguebearers - uniquesand closer shots:

Oldhammer Plaguebearers - uniques 3 Oldhammer Plaguebearers - uniques 2

Along with the others (duplicates) I’ve painted, there’s quite a growing mass:


Fixing Skragg and… Nurgle Tuesday

As is routine, I’ve painted more Plaguebearers this week. Rather than leave the last model for another time, I did the remaining 4 (I’ve been doing 3 at a time).

Oldhammer Plaguebearers 1

This brings the Oldhammer Plaguebearer count up to 16 unique models.

Oldhammer Plaguebearers 5

I thought this was all I had from the first 2 generations, but I forgot to count the command. So, there’s going to be more Plaguebearer Tuesdays, as I actually have 19 sculpts. It doesn’t stop there though… I managed to acquire some of the third generation! Will it ever end? I’m just glad I’m getting things painted.