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New Warhammer Wood Elf Models

Well well, hot off my indifference at the new Wood Elf treeman models, I am knocked back by the quality of the new infantry and cavalry releases. Check out this selection of new models coming for the Wood Elves soon. It looks like just 2 boxes, with a choice of two units for each kit.

Wood Elf cavalry box:







Wood Elf infantry box:1535433_542232512554792_5370894826924281123_n



New Wood Elves – but where to take them?

I am a flagging Warhammer player. I love the game and always have, but it has seriously slipped in popularity and accessibility in my local area. Collecting is expensive and often unrewarding – as it’s hard to get a game in. Playing can be tiresome and lacking – Warhammer can take a fair bit of time to setup and play, making is less desirable next to smaller/skirmish games around…



Hobby Post : Wood Elves for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and beyond

Neil of Orange here,  with a bit of a musing around collecting Wood Elves – mostly with a focus on Warhammer Fantasy Battle, hope you enjoy the trips down memory lane and my thoughts and hopes for the future.  With rumours of a new book on the horizon (only their 3rd  solo book ever – I think I have about 6 undead books now) I got nostalgic over this long weekend.

I started playing Warhammer in its 3rd edition.  During this time thanks to the rulebook coming with paper cut out units in the back I played with just about every army there was – and pretty large armies at that.  The fact they were practically 2 dimensional didn’t matter, I played on the floor and had a huge amount of fun.  Every army was in a single book to start with (Warhammer Armies, see below) so access to rules and lists for everything was made very easy.  My first foray into actual miniatures was for Warhammer 40K, thanks to the likes of Space Hulk, but as I become more engrossed in the hobby I started considering collecting a fantasy army.