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Review: Mierce Miniatures Mantichora 0

Review: Mierce Miniatures Mantichora

Back in the summer I was tempted by a pre-order on Mierce Miniatures for the new Mantichora, from their Darklands range. This huge beast finally arrived last week and I was really keen to review it and a few other bits over the next week or so. I ordered this Mantichora with the rider which I will come back to in future, which is why I ordered the model with a saddle.

Warriors from the mist II 0

Warriors from the mist II

My last post was a while ago (almost a year). When we last saw my fledgling warband it consisted of 14 models, and depending on how you looked at it, wasn’t really legal for any ranked style wargame. That said I have been happily using it in skirmish games and with unpainted/proxy models the occasional battle too.


Collecting Fimir miniatures

With old Gdub pretty much burying their Fimir range, which were already nichely hidden away in the tombs of Forge World, how do you go about collecting a Fimir army? eBay is rife with overpriced classic models, slowly trading hands for ever-increasing amounts of coin.

Fortunately, several companies produce models that are entirely compatible. With a healthy combination of passion and determination, one such company is Krakon Games. Going beyond creating just Fimir miniatures, KG sat down and did the research.