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Mizuchi, the Awakened

Mywargame recently got some appreciation (on facebook) from GCT Studios, most famous for the ‘Bushido’ game and range of figures they produce.  As I’ve just received one of their latest miniatures releases, my brother asked me to do a guest review as a thank you.

I’ve been looking for an oriental dragon miniature for a while now and had very little success.  Fortunately I came across some very encouraging concept art in February:

Review : Space Ork bodies from Micro Art Studio 1

Review : Space Ork bodies from Micro Art Studio

Due to some silly accidents recently (even after 20 years of using a craft knife its easy to slip…) my painting and scenery projects have not progressed as quickly as I had hoped, so to break the silence, something completely different.

A good friend of mine collects space orks and was keen to put together some nice looking freebooters/flash gitz for his army.  Thanks to Whitehorn’s list of alternative suppliers, Jim (a member of this very website) was able to source an interesting selection of bits to create his flashy freebooters with.

Introducing: Kabuki Models 0

Introducing: Kabuki Models

Kabuki models was founded last year in Italy by a group of friends, including a wargaming fanatic and a comic artist. Their original intention was to create a storyline, evolving characters and concepts from ideas that have been in development for almost 10 years. With hopes of a miniature range, skirmish-sized game, comic strips and other merchandise, they set upon fleshing out their plans and the company.

Kabuki's Lunah model, painted by Banshee

Kabuki's Lunah model, painted by Banshee