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From the mists of legend they come…

I’ve always been a fan of some of the more unusual creatures from the depths of Warhammer 3rd edition. Zoats, were wolves, jabberwock and many others haven’t had much limelight for many years.

I’ve been pleased to learn that the Fimir still have rules under the Age of Sigmar game system, but a little disappointed by how different the Forge World Fimir look compared to the classic models of old.

Eighteen Legions 0

Eighteen Legions

I had mixed feelings when ForgeWorld released classic marks of armour. We’ve been asking for them to be done ever since they had a suggestion box. Deep down I guess I thought it would never happen. I’m English, I crave disappointment after all.

But now we have them. They are excellent sculpts and will hopefully inject a lot more interest in our little niche, pre-Heresy community. At least I hope they are used with some enthusiasm. The cost and rarer nature of Forgeworld items should restrict their presence to those with a bit of wallet behind their plans at least.

MyWargame is a year old! Competition? 7

MyWargame is a year old! Competition?

Against all odds, or at least my usual trend of project-hopping, MyWargame is one year old! This is obviously a positive fact to celebrate and am I proud to have kept my interest in the project for so long – maybe there is hope in other projects I pick up in the future also. This achievement will serve to further inspire me to improve the MyWargame website and affiliations.

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Rusty Dice is back!

After an intensive 6 month drive into the pre-heresy hobby, I had taken a long overdue break, coupled with some personal issues that I shall not bore you with.

I have re-found my gaming mojo and intend to get back up to speed, particularly with the dawn of 8th edition Warhammer next month. The next Age of the Emperor event is also on the horizon and my ticket is paid for. The dedication of buying into this early should hopefully provide me the motivation to fix up my next army. This leads onto the post title:

Top five 40k armies I’d like to build 5

Top five 40k armies I’d like to build

I am always looking 5 years ahead with new projects and fooling myself about the realistic time-scale attached. Even before I’ve fully planned and built current projects new ideas encroach upon my thoughts.

My inspirations are generally hobby-lead, seeking to make that extra-flavoured army, rather than the next tournament beater. I always strive to challenge myself with greater feats of customising models and sculpting.

Here’s my top ten army projects: