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Staying tuned with MyWargame 0

Staying tuned with MyWargame

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New poll – Which Primarch should MyWargame make? 9

New poll – Which Primarch should MyWargame make?

Last month you concluded I should build a Primarch as a step-by-step big gribbly guide. It was inevitable I suppose with the larger portion of visitors coming from pre-Heresy Warhammer sources.

However, now you need to tell me which Primarch I should make. If you want to do me a big favour I plan to start an Iron Hands force for September’s campaigns. Hence, Ferrus Manus would be a nice project for me to do!

Poll conclusion: Which gribbly to build? 1

Poll conclusion: Which gribbly to build?

Concluding the latest poll: Which gribbly would you like to see MyWargame create?

The results are as follows. Perhaps a little predictable considering our major target audience!

  • Primarch (36%, 42 Votes)
  • Jabberslythe (25%, 29 Votes)
  • Megarachnid warrior (14%, 16 Votes)

Coming soon: Codex Crusades 4

Coming soon: Codex Crusades

Before you continue, this is strictly a fan-developed project and as such has no official bearing. This should not quell your excitement, but do not expect anything of this sort from Games Workshop!

With the ever-growing interest in the pre-Heresy era of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, we’ve seen fan-made rules and campaigns from many sources. Perhaps the two most impressive projects are the Age of the Emperor series from Tempus Fugitives and Warhammer 30,000 from Bell of Lost Souls. The Great Crusade team have also promised their own take on these events. While all impressive, MyWargame plans to take a wholly different approach.

Poll conclusion: Modelling tutorial for which legion? 2

Poll conclusion: Modelling tutorial for which legion?

Concluding the latest poll: Which legion would you like to see MyWargame write a dedicated modelling tutorial for?

This poll has run for a little longer than usual with the Christmas break. Thanks to Bell of Lost Souls the voters flew up to 150!

The results are a little indecisive with such small steps between choices, so I am going to attempt to produce tutorials for the top 3 next month! (Once Mark V and Terminators are done or underway)

Merry Christmas from MyWargame 2

Merry Christmas from MyWargame

A big thanks to everyone who has supported the new site over the past couple of months, intentionally or not! We will be a little quiet over the next week with personal commitments and inevitable festivities.

I would like to share my appreciation with everyone -  for linking to us, offering help or simply visiting!

My fellow contributors:  Neil_of_Orange and Kidjal.

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