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Frills & Fauna: Glashtin 0

Frills & Fauna: Glashtin

The next reveal for Frills & Fauna are the Glashtin. The sculpt shown is an adolescent, with diminutive claws. More are likely to follow, as hinted by their behaviour.


Glashtins are a sentient species of water-dwellers. They are not hostile, but will respond to threats swiftly and in great numbers. Their name is taken from ancient folklore – stream or water goblins, known to change form. Their squid-like lower bodies often lead to them being mistaken for other creatures.


Creatures of the Night – Nemain

This year I took the decision to push ahead with my sculpting ambitions. I made it my profession. Or half-profession, as I still do web development freelance to balance the books (read: eat food).

In between producing models for paying customers, I am exploring my own miniature range – Creatures of the Night. I set myself lofty goals. I work at them. They often change. It’s easy to get inspired (read: distracted) by new ideas.


A change of ways

With the promise of a new lease of life for Age of Sigmar (read: a points system) and combined with the glorious models that came with Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, I have decided to try and kickstart a little “Tale of” amongst my local players to work up a combined effort to collect and play AOS again.

This overly exciting post is to announce said project and show the first model I intend to build for it. This is the Tzeentch Sorceror, who has rules for both AOS and WHQ.


Circle of Chaos – Oldhammer style miniatures

Last Autumn, Curtis Fell of Ramshackle Games notoriety, proposed a fun idea to the Oldhammer group of getting together to sculpt some miniatures as a group project. 7 sculptors of varying experience all decided to take part and contribute one (or two) models for the project, culminating in their completion over the festive period. What now? I posed to the group. Shall we actually push these into production?


Hunters of the Wild for Kings of War – Part 2

Following on from the work in progress post I have been patiently working away on painting and assembling my hunters of the wild unit.


With the bases of main dryad figures being painted in separate pieces, I stuck the dryads to corks with PVA so they were easier to handle.  These first two are painted as some form of vine, or strangling creeper plants.  These are actually my favourite two poses it turns out as I worked on the group.  The owl is from the Dryad kit, the other one I have (which I have put on my Greenwarden) is a much nicer model.