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Frills & Fauna: Ferrus Testudines

Continuing with silly names, today’s preview is the Ferrus Testudine.

Ferrus Testudines or “Iron Turtles” are so named for their hard, metallic carapace. A natural defence against predators, but sadly also a much sought-after resource. Often hunted for their shells, their habitats are becoming more sparse and they rarely reach maturity.


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Frills & Fauna: Vent Dragon

Today we look at something a little more mysterious – the Vent Dragon.

First discovered by the rad-worker Mr. Boyce, the Vent Dragon appears to be a mutation or amalgamation of other species occupying the radioactive sewers. Little is known about the behaviour of this creature, or whether it is unique, and its chosen habitat has made further investigation difficult.


As hinted, this little fella was inspired by a conversion by Axion, whom gave me permission to sculpt it.


Frills & Fauna: Stickle Cobs

In an increasingly hostile selection of creatures, what better than some innocent plant life?

Well, though extremely plant-like in appearance, Stickle Cobs are primitive creatures that mimic flora to draw in small creatures. The releasing of scents attracts their prey to feed on the cone surface, but by doing so they become stuck on the adhesive crust and slowly dissolved by acidic saliva, before being absorbed into the structure.



Frills & Fauna: Death Stars

What could be more scary than a toxic starfish running at you? Introducing the Death Star.

Aptly named, death stars are highly toxic creatures that resemble starfish, but are wholly alien. Able to stand up and even run on their appendages, death stars charge at their foes and will smother anything that cannot outrun them.


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