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Ramshackle Games – Robots review

Curtis at Ramshackle Games has been running another Kickstarter. This time we have a selection of robots and pieces that can be assembled in whatever way you fancy to create your desired robot(s).


I got a few pieces early to put together a review for the Kickstarter.

2015-05-22 22.17.12

The amount of choice can leave you feeling a bit lost at first, but once you isolate the legs and torsos, the rest is down to weapons preference.


Minature Review: Ramshackle Rhebok

Hi all,

Neil of Orange here once more with another review.  Its been Kickstarter related toy time here for a while so I’ve been working my way through the new stuff and taking photos to share the joy.

Today we’re looking at Ramshackle Games‘ recent Kickstarter, “Brothers of Iron”.  I backed this project as a means to provide my growing 40k Inquisitor force with some transports.  I have some Ramshackle stuff already, a truck, a train and a smattering of figures.  From my prior experience I was expecting robust, big, rough around the edges models, hence the Ramshackle name I guess.

New Skitarii experiments 3

New Skitarii experiments

With a major overhaul (read: complete re-write) of the Mechanicus codex, it’s a little difficult to decide (or know) what my army will comprise come March.

Apart from Skitarii. Everyone has Skitarii!

Rather than re-work my older Skitarii, I fancied trying some new builds. I don’t want to alienate new from old, but I do want something different.

The Scouring – time minus 19 days 3

The Scouring – time minus 19 days

There’s less than 3 weeks until the Scouring campaign weekend and the joblist is starting to look intimidating. I’ve settled with building as much as I can now and worrying about painting the lot later!

I am happy that Kelbor Hal is at a tabletop standard for now. if by some miracle I have some free time after everything else, I’ll add further detail and highlights.

Ramshackle latest – Nuclear Resistance, Quad bikes 3

Ramshackle latest – Nuclear Resistance, Quad bikes

Ramshackle Games have continued to churn out quality, cheap miniatures for their Nuclear Resistance range, models I have found to be very useful and compatible with Warhammer 40,000 or similar scaled games.

From their latest offering, I ordered a selection of tech-like models and one of the new quad bikes:

Quad bike (male rider) – £2.50
Drug-crazed lunatics – £1.50 for both
Ironstrike – £1.50

Mechanicus Termite 5

Mechanicus Termite

I chanced upon the Ramshackle stand at the UK Games Expo last month and took their stock of ‘Boring Machines‘ off their hands for my Mechanicus army. At £8 and solid resin, they’re a bargain and a huge timesaver. I chose to use these as Termites for my Hypaspists to tunnel into war!

The basic model is a great start or even finish, for a termite. I decided to paint one out of the box and spend a little time converting my others.