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Kings of War : Herd progress, Avatar of the Father

So at the start of the year I blogged about starting a herd army for Kings of War.  I mentioned that I had plans for an Avatar of the Father model, using an unreleased model from Mierce Minatures, Sia.  Well after asking nicely, I finally received the model recently and got to work on building and painting it.  This post hopefully will review the model and show you how I’ve got it battle ready.



What’s in the box? Kings of War Forces of Nature starter army

I recently received my Forces of Nature starter army as part of the Kings of War kickstarter.  When it turned up and I started looking through it, it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen much in the way of pictures of the contents anywhere so I thought I’d take some picture and do some quick blue-tac assemblies of what things looked like.  The mat I’ve used it on the 1cm square side up so that’ll give you additional idea of sizes.


Panzerfäuste Gnome Voltigeur Section Review

The newly-formed Hysterical Games recently ran a Kickstarter to fund their new wargame, Panzerfäuste: Mechanised Warfare. I was lucky enough to buy some items early for review, all of a Gnomish nature.

What really drew me in were the Gnome terrain pieces as they are suitable for all sorts of games, since Panzerfäuste is a 28mm wargame game. That review will follow later.


Space Raiders Kickstarter

Perhaps the most exciting Oldhammer project this year was the selection of classic-inspired sculpts put together by Diego Serrate in his Space Raiders (Spider Riders) Kickstarter.

Diego created some classic archetypes that we of the greyer breed treasure, from Orcs to Fishmen to Minotaurs, all in a Space Punk setting and produced in metal.

I didn’t want to miss out, so saved some budget to get in on the project. This week, the package arrived. Here are the goodies as I take them out of their bags:

Gamers Grass Tufts – Review 0

Gamers Grass Tufts – Review

I purchased a selection of “tufts” from Gamer’s Grass a few months ago to try and spice up my desert bases. I’ve always been a bit wary of grass tufts after a bad experience with a crushed packet of unnatural looking grass from Army Painter.

These tufts proved to be much better and in a wide range of colours and sizes.

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I first tried them on my Blight Kings and they instantly gave some life to the otherwise barren bases: